Lake of the Woods

“The Walleye Capital of the World,” it is best known for and it lives up to its reputation without a doubt. When much of the state is closed to fishing for walleyes and pike, up at Lake of the Woods it’s Game On! The walleye season extends to mid-April. This is prime time to fish the Rainy River as the ice is disappearing and the walleyes are swimming up in preparation for the spawn. Large numbers of fish and some monsters are possible. There is a tradition in these parts tracking the open water in the river and dropping that boat in for the first time of the season. Results are often time incredible.

The Rainy River also is famous for it Lake Sturgeon fishery. These fish live to over 100-year-old and reach weights of over 100 lbs. Arguably, the river and 4 Mile Bay offer the top sturgeon fishing in the Midwest.

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