Whether you’re fishing the Great Lakes or the Missouri River the use of Off Shore Tackle Planer boards has propelled angler’s ability to diversify their fishing methods. 

By adding the use of these popular planer boards to your fishing arsenal you are able to cover a lot more water and present baits to shallow water fish without spooking them.

There’s one method I really like to use when utilizing my Off Shore Tackle Planer boards on the Missouri River system primarily in the early summer stages. It is to run one board up very shallow to target active feeding fish that may be chasing bait, meanwhile on the opposite side of the boat I will place a board along with the channel break and utilize Leadcore line to target those deeper fish.

It doesn’t take long to identify which area of the system that I should be targeting that day. The Off Shore Tackle OR12 planer board paired with an OR18 release and an OR12TF (Tattle Flag) on the top of my board is the perfect fit for me. These boards have an adjustable weight system that can be moved for trolling heavy lines like Leadcore or very deep diving crankbaits. The OR12TF tattle flag is an addition to the OR12, but I highly recommend adding it to your planer boards. 

If you haven’t tried out planer board fishing yet you need to get some Off Shore Tackle Planer boards and sit back and watch the big boy bobbers go down!





About The Author

Brian Bashore

A Nebraska native, Bashore grew up fishing the banks of the Blue River and Harlan County Reservoir at a very early age. In-fluenced by his stepfather very early in life, he was hooked on Walleye fishing and participated in his first walleye tournament at age 16. There was no looking back at this point, his love for the outdoors soon consumed his life and led him down the path he currently travels. Brian is an accomplished guide and tour-nament angler in South Dakota guiding on Lewis and Clark Lake and Lake Francis Case, as well as fishing the National Walleye Tour circuit. Brian’s passion is not only in Fishing but educating others about conservation to ensure that we all have wildlife and wild places for all of us to enjoy. Brian is now settled in Sioux Falls, South Dakota with his wife Tammy and two children Jakob and Elle.