I have seen an increase in deep trolling on Devils Lake, ND and the key is to get productive lures down into 25-45 feet of water. Anglers are using snap weights and lead core to reach these fish, but we are often catching the biggest fish on big baits like the Salmo Freediver. The number 12 will reach forty feet of water by simply longlining behind the boat with braid. The number 9 will approach thirty feet of water running braided line. These hand tuned lures have an attractive action that catches fish with a great selection of colors that work great on Devils Lake. 

We often find that the key is to troll and cover water until you mark clouds of baitfish near the bottom which are often young perch or white bass. The best locations often have some scattered rock or some type of transition. Map chips like the Doctor Sonar Maps that integrate old aerial photography when the lake was low are useful for keying in on these deep transitions and old shorelines. Over the past couple of years, we have caught some of our largest walleye off these deep contours and the Freediver is one lure I almost always have behind the boat.