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People often ask what I’m doing differently which leads to my success ice fishing. Whether I’m chasing Greenbacks on Lake Winnipeg, Lake Trout in Northern Manitoba, or Jumbo Perch on the prairie potholes of the Dakotas I believe correct Lure presentation is key.

Flash, noise, and vibration are important elements for catching fish. If I’m fishing for Lake Winnipeg Greenbacks, I prefer a larger PK Spoon or Flutterfish usually a 1/2 oz to 1 oz lure and I add a PK Wyoming Blade for additional flash. I like to use glow colors in the morning and evenings such as Red Dot Glow, Red Tiger Glow, or Crawdad Glow. In the afternoons I’ll switch to metal colors such as Gold, Nickel, or Nickel Blue.

Being able to switch gears is also important when stalking Jumbo perch. Once you find them staying on top of them is everything. The PK Predator series offers 3 different sizes along with several color options that will not disappoint. The PK Predator series is offered in 1/8 oz, 1/16 oz, and 1/16 oz Tungsten which are the most versatile lure I’ve ever used on the ice. All are equipped with a PK Wyoming Blade out of the package and all hooks can be changed if you want to use them for multi-species.

Aggressive fish may want a larger lure presentation while neutral-negative fish may want a more subtle jigging presentation. Be sure to watch your electronics to see how the fish are responding. I’ve caught my largest fish using these concepts and I won’t forget to bring all my PK’s on my next fishing trip!

Fine the perfect PK lure for you here:

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