With nine staff arriving days prior our goal was to locate numbers of fish for the weekend. The staff was pumped to fire up the sleds early Friday morning. Splitting up into three groups the guys covered ground most of the day jumping from spot to spot checking different structure. Fish seemed to be sporadic throughout different areas and structure, but there was a pot of gold at the end of one rainbow, pulling 6 quality fish out in a 5-minute time period the guys backed off that spot and let those fish be. 

Friday evening Veterans from across the Midwest as far as Nebraska started to arrive at Ackerman Acres Resort. The anticipation of getting out that next morning was almost unbearable. After a short meeting all the veterans and staff engaged in some competitive dart games while enjoying the newly found camaraderie.

With a heavy fog that morning, our snow machines hit the ice with a sure destination. The sounds of eight Jiffy ice augers in the background was satisfying.

For the first hour or two while sitting in silence you could hear hook set after hook set coming from all directions. With evident smiles from those visible it was turning out to be a great day on the ice. Now they call it fishing for a reason and it was as if we hit a brick wall. The fish disappeared and almost seemed nonexistent. We had experienced this a week prior while pre-fishing so we figured those fish would cycle back but they evidently didn’t read that book. We drilled out across the basin covering ground in search of these pesky creatures. Picking one off here and there all the guys enjoyed the nice day out hole hoping, laying a few fish top side.

We will be hosting our 3rd Annual Veterans Weekend on Devil’s Lake, ND February 10-11, 2018.

Day two called for a move due to slush pockets building up around our day one area due to heavy snow cover. With only a few hours to fish on Sunday, the group spread out across a mile of water looking for that pot of gold. Fishing seemed to be a little steadier, picking up a few here and there. Ripping raps and rattle spoons tipped with minnow heads were a group favorite calling in these roaming eyes from a distance. The weekend was more than just about how many fish we could put topside, but instead to give thanks to the men and women who served our country to fight for the freedom we all take for granted every day.

We would like to thank all our event sponsors for everything they contributed.

Ackerman Acres Resort for all the support over the past few years.

Clam Outdoors, Vexilar, Jiffy Ice Drills, Double D Ranch out of Dunn Center, ND. JB Lures, Dakota Helicopters, Dunn Spraying, Venom Outdoors, Reeds Sporting Goods, Titan Oil Services, TyDak Motorsports, NUVERA, Hot Shot Metal Service out of Dilworth, MN, Crosby Creek Consulting and Andrus Outdoors.

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