When the spring turns warm and gobblers are strutting, smart turkey hunters know the one thing that can get an old tom to rush into their setup is to make him mad with an inferior intruder. But it can be a delicate balance. Not all toms are as aggressive as the next, and it’s important to raise their ire without also intimidating them. Avian-X’s HDR (Heavy-Duty Realism) Jake™ is the perfect decoy for doing just that. 

The HDR Jake™ is sized slightly smaller than a real turkey to prevent it from looking intimidating to an approaching tom but is blow-molded in a quarter-strut posture and bristling subdominant feathers to signal he’s content, but ready to fight—which will trigger aggression in a nearby gobbler. You can increase the attitude of this ultra-realistic decoy with the head design that features a curled, aggressive posture or dial it back with a head design that is more submissive. Both heads are included with the HDR Jake.

When facing aggressive gobblers, a durable decoy to withstand the beat downs as well as the wear and tear of transport in and out of the field is crucial. A full rubber molded decoy is just that and will stand the test of time. I have used several types of decoys in my 20 years of turkey hunting and still have many of them. However most of my foam decoys look nothing much more than a hen with a dent in her side or Toms with unrealistic and bent feathers. I have stuffed my foam decoy’s over the years but that defeated the purpose of being able to roll them up for ease of transport. And if you have ever witnessed a beat down of your decoy you know that an aggressive bird can do a lot of damage in a very short amount of time.

A Tom turkey is a very dominant creature and has no shame in showing so. But they are also much more intelligent than most think. With uncanny eyesight, a turkey is able to identify a fake from a long distance. Even though many of you have experienced an aggressive turkey just like a buck in the rut where he didn’t care how fake your decoy was, its mind was made up and it was coming in on a string to well within gun or bow range. Which makes for a very fun hunt and a great story to tell but doesn’t happen all the time. Having the ability to change up your decoy in seconds is a new feature that is sure to be a big hit in the field this turkey season. Whether taking on a seasoned Tom or a call educated turkey, having a life-like and durable decoy will greatly enhance your ability to close the deal this Turkey season.

About The Author

Brian Bashore

A Nebraska native, Bashore grew up fishing the banks of the Blue River and Harlan County Reservoir at a very early age. In-fluenced by his stepfather very early in life, he was hooked on Walleye fishing and participated in his first walleye tournament at age 16. There was no looking back at this point, his love for the outdoors soon consumed his life and led him down the path he currently travels. Brian is an accomplished guide and tour-nament angler in South Dakota guiding on Lewis and Clark Lake and Lake Francis Case, as well as fishing the National Walleye Tour circuit. Brian’s passion is not only in Fishing but educating others about conservation to ensure that we all have wildlife and wild places for all of us to enjoy. Brian is now settled in Sioux Falls, South Dakota with his wife Tammy and two children Jakob and Elle.