By Andrea Rothove

There’s a lot that goes into planning a hunt, and selecting the right hunting apparel is one of the most important things to consider. What you wear can often make or break a hunt, so here are a few things to remember when choosing your hunting clothing and accessories.

The Season

Winter, Summer, Spring or Fall, there’s hunting apparel for them all! You obviously wouldn’t want to wear a tee-shirt in the duck blind in January or February, and the same goes for wearing a warm, fleece-lined jacket and pants while hunting doves in the summertime. I know buying a lot of hunting gear can be expensive, so if you’re on a budget I suggest buying a few staple items that you can wear in multiple seasons. For example, a lightweight, breathable camouflage top can be worn alone in the warmer months and used for layering during the fall and winter.

Here’s a great one from Browning: Hell’s Canyon Speed Plexus-FM Long Sleeve Mesh Shirt.


Hell's Canyon Speed Plexus-FM Long Sleeve Mesh Shirt

The Weather

The weatherman doesn’t always get it right, having a good idea of what’s going on outside before you head out to hunt is certainly helpful. Is there a chance of rain or snow? Well, you may want to bring a warm hooded jacket along, just in case. Planning a hunt in a few months and want to order your hunting apparel now? Consider the location and time of year you’ll be hunting, check out the Farmer’s Almanac and plan accordingly. Like I mentioned before, I feel you can’t go wrong with, at the minimum, buying a few staple items for a lower price and then splurging a little to get the “extra’s” that you may need, like high quality windproof and water-resistant clothing.

I love the Women’s Hell’s Canyon BTU Parka from Browning.

Browning 3036962803 Women's Hell's Canyon Btu Parka, Mossy Oak Break-Up Country, Large

The Terrain

When hunting, you want to blend in with your surroundings so you aren’t spotted by the game you’re pursuing. Not all terrain is the same, so with that in mind, choose hunting gear with camouflage patterns or in colors that look most like the location that you will be hunting. The same goes for what season it is. During Spring and Summer, the grass is green and the trees are full of leaves. But during the winter months, it’s more drab.

Browning features ATACS Arid/Urban camouflage on a lot of their hunting gear that is great for hunting out west.

Hell's Canyon Speed Backcountry-FM Gore-Windstopper® Jacket

The Activity Level 

Are you going to be sitting in a tree stand or ground blind for hours, or will you be on the move on a spot & stalk hunt? Your activity level plays a big role in deciding what to wear hunting. I feel that choosing the right layers is key here, as well as making sure your mobility isn’t hindered. Merino Wool base layers are one of my staple items for all hunting seasons because they are thin, easy to move in, and help keep you warm in cooler weather, and cooler during warm weather. You can usually even get them in camo patterns, should you wish to wear them alone during the warmer months.

I love these women’s Merino Wool base layers from First Lite

Whitetail Women's Aerowool Ultralight and Lightweight Baselayers

The Game

Depending on what you are hunting, you may need to adjust your attire throughout the seasons. Simply put, tan and blaze orange apparel that you wear for upland bird hunting just won’t work when hunting turkeys or waterfowl. Another thing to keep in mind is the state’s hunting regulations for each type of game and hunting season. There will be some hunts that you are required to wear blaze orange for safety, and others you do not. To save money, you can often buy headwear, vests or jackets that are reversible, having blaze orange on one side and either camouflage or a solid color on the other.

I love these High Country Merino reversible beanies from Browning

High Country Merino Wool - Sage

The Right Accessories

Last, but not least…I can’t leave out the hunting accessories! They are just as important to me as selecting the right hunting apparel.

When choosing your hunting accessories, think about what you’ll be hunting and what you’ll need to bring along with you. That will help you get started on deciding what type of hunting pack you need to bring along. Another thing to consider is the possibility of packing out an animal. If you’re in a location that you can just drive your pickup or ATV to that location, a small hunting pack may work just fine. But if you’re hunting in the mountains far from hunting camp, you’ll probably want to bring along a larger pack that you can use to haul some meat out in. ALPS Outdoorz is my go-to for hunting accessories. They are high quality and I feel like they have gear for literally any type of hunt. Here are a few of my favorites:

Turkey Hunting: Grand Slam Turkey Vest

Grand Slam Turkey Vest

Spot and Stalk / Hauling out Meat: Monarch X Women’s Meat Hauling Pack

Monarch X

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