Every fall we dawn our new or old hunting clothes and gear in anticipation of the upcoming season. We reflect on the past memories and ponder what stories this season may bring us.  As a hunter, my gear is something that I take great care of and expect to function for me in the elements or when I’m able to take that critical shot at a buck of a lifetime or a rangy rooster making his way to into the horizon.  Here are a few items that are new for the 2019/2020 hunting season that will make your next hunting adventure that much more enjoyable and hopefully successful.


Wasp Archery

Havalon # WaspThe new Wasp HAVALON HV features an aerodynamic, ultra-compact, aerospace-grade aluminum ferrule that provides field-point accuracy and easy tuning. The .035-inch thick surgical sharp stainless-steel blades combine for a 1-3/16” cutting diameter. As with all Wasp fixed blade broadheads, the blades are easily replaced, and each pack comes with three complete broadheads and 6 replacement blades.

For more information check out www.wasparchery.com

Retail: $44.99 (3-Pack)



Grizzly EarsGrizzly Ears



To offer full Bluetooth technologies with Audio, Sound Amplification and Mic Sensitivity Sound Compression for Hearing Protection. All this built into smart wireless earbuds.

For more information check out www.grizzly-ears.com

Retail Price: $249.00



For those of you that never clean your shotgun, Huntego Limited has the solution. It’s as simple as pulling the trigger. Specifically designed for the shotgun market, CleanShot field cleans your firearm in an instant. Load and fire a CleanShot at the end of the day… and there you go. Your gun is clean and ready for your next outing. Could we have made it an easier? No more excuses.

For more information check out www.Huntego.com

Retail Price $9.99



The SagenSaw is a compact, lightweight field dressing saw that allows you to quickly and safely cut through the pelvic bone while cleaning big game without puncturing the colon or bladder. Also works wonders on rib cage and leg bones.

For more information check out www.sageninc.com

Reatail Price $20.95


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