Northernmost Point Buoy Created at the NW Angle on Lake of the Woods MN

Angle Inlet, MN  (June 20, 2017)  It’s the northernmost point of the continental U.S.  It is where the 14,552 islands begin.  It’s an area that people actually have to drive through Canada to get to unless they go via water or ice.  It’s where many people come to get away from life and experience world class fishing, resort life, beauty, nature and some cheap psychology.  It’s Minnesota’s NW Angle.

For some time, there has been the idea of having an icon or buoy marking the northernmost point of the continental U.S., much like Key West, FL has the southernmost icon.  The idea has come to fruition and is ready.

The northernmost marker is located at Young’s Bay Resort in the community of Angle Inlet, MN.  Young’s Bay was chosen as it is where the main marina is located for visitors and residents who are staying on one of the island resorts or cabins amongst the islands of the NW Angle.  It is also adjacent to the bar and restaurant of the Angle called Jerry’s is located where folks will stop in for their favorite beverage or a good burger.

Fishing is the main draw up at the Angle.  Over a dozen resorts cater to visitors and provide a variety of accommodations from simply a cabin all the way up to a full service resort that provides bar, restaurant, satellite TV, Wi-Fi and guided fishing. Some anglers fish amongst the islands of MN.  Others fish the Ontario side of the lake which is literally a long stone’s throw off the dock of many of our resorts.  The Ontario side of the lake offers another 40 miles of world class fishing, delicious shore lunches, islands and beauty.

There is so much more to experience at the Angle than fishing however.  The NW Angle has approximately 110 permanent residents.  Some live on the mainland called Angle Inlet.  Others live on islands. There is the only one room school in the state of MN that has grades K – 6.  There is history in Ft. St. Charles, pictographs on rock walls and Massacre Island.  There is nature, with deer, bears and wolves calling this area home as well as a wide variety of birds and other wildlife on display daily.

If you haven’t experienced the NW Angle, it’s hard to explain the feeling one gets at the Angle.  It is a good feeling, one that reaches deep into your soul.  It feels like it is a place where true relaxation can really take place.

Lake of the Woods including the Rainy River and NW Angle is The Walleye Capital of the World.  This extraordinary body of water covers over 65,000 miles of shoreline and over 14,000 islands.  It is known the world over for its incredible open water and ice fishing, hunting, snowmobiling, camping, ATVing and birding.  Fully equipped resorts and hotels line the lake, river and NW Angle serving guests of all abilities and interests.  Lake of the Woods Tourism Bureau is located in Baudette, MN.

If you would like more information about Lake of the Woods, go to or call 1-800-382-FISH (3474).  To contact or interview Executive Director Joe Henry, call 1-320-260-7727 or email:

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